2020 Results

2020 - More time, Moor run!

2020 - Results

Thank you to everyone who had a go at the More Time, Moor Run. We had results from 29 people with a fabulous showing from Ilkley Harriers with 8 entrants and fastest times in the Female, Female Vet and Male Vet categories. We also had two unexpected Junior entrants - Oscar and Dylan Shinn - who ran the course under supervision. Congratulations to everyone who competed the course even those who took a scenic route or decided to improvise with a mud pack on the return leg.

How it began...

Unfortunately, the 2020 Burley Moor Run cannot take place in its normal format this year - however, we will be facilitating the alternative ‘More Time, Moor Run’.

The idea is that you run the Moor Run Course anytime between 0600hrs on Friday 6 November and 2359hrs on Sunday 22 November and submit the following details using the form on the links page or send then to burleymoorrun@gmail.com:

· Your details (name, category, and club)

o Categories - Female, Female Veteran, Male, Male Veteran (Veterans are over 50 on 14 November 2020.)

· Your run time and date,

· We would love a link to a record of your run (Strava, etc) especially if it's a quick one, and

· Ideally some selfies we can use on our social media?

We will maintain a list of times and publish highlights though out this period and a full list when the event is over. (Please state if you do NOT want your details published when you email us).

This will allow you to run the route when it suits you best or when the weather is optimal or even multiple times until you squeeze every ounce of performance out of your legs, but also for us to avoid having large groups gathering or conflicting with the current health advice.

The course can be seen on the 'Links' page or at:


The start/finish will be the gate in the car park next to the Pavilion – this makes the course a little shorter than usual but gives a consistent, easily identifiable start point.

I’ve run and measured the course numerous times and the length is 10.7kms using the gate as the start/ finish. I will allow a margin of error but not much!

Be aware that this is a the moor run on uneven, slippery, and rocky paths with a degree of risk. It may be better to be safe and slow rather than push too hard if you are running solo. Participants are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety and enter at their own risk.

You will have to cross the Moor Road – I will presume everyone is equally inconvenienced but if you are stuck for an unusual length of time tell us and we will look at your record and consider adjustments.

Please respect the countryside and other people using the area:

o Leave any gates as you find them (open or closed)

o Do not drop litter

o Ideally, walk to the start line, use the trains or park considerately.

o Try to maintain social distances and good relations with other people on the route – please consider our long-term relationship with the community rather than your time on this single run.

If you are new to the course or would like some company we will try and link you up with others in the same position – email us at burleymoorrun@gmail.com.

Stay safe and good luck.